Get Your HVAC To Run ‘Like-New’ Again

Keep your HVAC operating at peak performance to save energy, improve indoor air quality and avoid CAPEX replacement costs.

Restoring HVAC Health & Performance

Most HVAC systems contain colonies of microscopic Biofilm that shield harmful pathogens from most deep-cleaning methods, chemicals & disinfectants.

We restore the health and lost performance of old legacy HVAC systems at a microscopic level using breakthrough CIP processes, BioFilm science and IOT M&V platforms.

A fouled mechanical asset on the verge of replacement, can be restored to perform like-new again.

Our Story

SmartScrub Restoration Inc. was founded in 2019 with the goal of restoring HVAC/R systems to peak performance, resulting in lower energy costs and avoiding CAPEX replacement costs while increasing indoor air quality.

Today, our goal goes beyond optimizing performance to protecting Canadians and ensuring HVAC systems run free from harmful microbial growth that could go airborne and cause serious health problems.

Top 3 SmartScrub Benefits

With a combination of breakthrough CIP processes, BioFilm science and IOT M&V platforms we’ll help you:

  • Save on Energy

    Track, trend and record data points to compare the increase in performance and energy savings.

  • Avoid CAPEX Replacement Costs

    Restore HVAC at a fraction of the cost of replacement and often within a single shift.

  • Increase Indoor Air Quality

    Ensure your HVAC runs free of harmful microbial growth that can go airborne.

Our Smart 3 Step Process


Get an HVAC audit to establish a baseline of today’s usage & performance metrics.


Get your HVAC restored with little to no downtime or disruption to operations.


Get a final report to verify delta in HVAC performance & wellness metrics.


Cleaning & Disinfecting

Let’s Get Started

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